Publishing Process

Step 1.       Choose your appropriate journal

You must submit your article yourself to one journal only. Finesse Publishing Ltd publishes five different journals covering various disciplines:

  1. International Journal of Accounting, Finance and Management (
  2. International Journal of Library, Information and Knowledge Management (
  3. International Journal of Educational Theory and Practice (
  4. International Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (
  5. International Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences (

From this list you can go to the homepage of any journal to find if it is the right journal for your article. Look at, for example:

  • the editorial objectives of the journal
  • the types of articles  accepted for the journal
  • the target audience of the journal

Step 2.       Send any questions to the right person

If you have questions about the journal (for example the publishing process details) contact the Editor of the journal using the email editor@ As part of general enquiry, you may email to the editor an outline of your proposed article (or abstract, not whole paper) to see if they think your article is suitable. The journal Editor will offer advice and will often suggest an alternative journal if the journal you have in mind is not the most suitable for your article.

Step 3.      Submit your article and signed Author Copyright Declaration Form.

Send your manuscript to the editor@ in the format specified in Author Guidelines. Also submit a duly filled and signed Author Copyright Declaration Form.

Step 4.        Preliminary review and payment Author Processing Fee

The editor will make a preliminary review of the paper to determine its suitability for publication. The output of this review will be one of the following decisions:

  • Rejected
  • Publishable

If the review is positive, you will be requested to pay Article Processing Fee (APF) and provide evidence thereof and peer review starts.

Step 5.       Review and editorial process

At this stage the editor selects and appoints review peers and submits the manuscript to them. The peer reviewers make comments on areas in the manuscript that need improvement. These comments are send to the authors who make the necessary changes on the article. In many cases the reviewers may make contrasting comments on the manuscript. However the editor makes the final decision.

Step 6.       Acceptance and Production

The author must work with the peer reviewers to improve the manuscript to acceptable levels. When this is done you are formally notified that it has been accepted for publication and the paper moves to production stage. Production involves typesetting and printing the paper or publishing putting online. The volume /issue containing your article is now available online and you are provided with a url-link through which you can access it.  Printed copy of the journal issue is send to you.

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